Singing… barbershop con eñe 



Travelling to emotion

Barbershop is an a cappella style of vocal music where three voices harmonise around the melody, which is sung by a fourth voice. The lead voice sings the main tune. Above it sings the higher-pitched tenor voice, below the melody goes the bass voice, and finally the baritone completes the harmony.

What makes barbershop so different from other styles of vocal music is the type of harmonic arrangement which is built such that the four parts are very close to each other, synching word sounds across all four parts and making use of many different artistic resources like tempo, volume, diction, colour and phrasing. The tuning of barbershop singers must be kept very precise and consistent with the rest of the parts so the sound becomes expanded. The result is a style of music which flows full of harmonics, very vibrant and packed with emotion.

Barbershop is sung in quartets or choruses, which may be feminine, masculine or mixed.

Barbershop con eñe

While its origins are somewhat uncertain, barbershop music was made popular in the United States at the start of the 20th Century in the social gathering hubs of the time: barbershops. While clients waited, they would sing popular songs in this peculiar arrangement. Currently, barbershop music is a frontline musical movement in English-speaking countries. Its highlight are the national and international conventions which gather thousands of hobbyists.

While keeping the essence of ‘pure’ barbershop, 4×4 has created the barbershop con eñe music style: bringing the expressiveness and passion of our origins into the game, and introducing exclusive barbershop arrangements of songs in Spanish and sung by Spaniards…

The barbershop con eñe music is a unique and exclusive concept, made for those who appreciate high-quality music and dare to listen to and feel an experience like no other.